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Arts Projects

Arts Projects

The Gurranabraher Arts Project works with young people who are interested in experiencing Art, Music, Drama, Dance, Animation, Singing, Graffiti, Rapping, Gardening & Exploring. Our workshops are designed in response to the creative drive and needs of the young people we work with.
We work with many Cultural and Art organisations such as: Triskel Arts Centre, UCC School of Music, Chester Beaty Library, RED FM, GOOGLE, Music Generation, Mayfield Arts Centre, Leargas, NYCI, Anna Lindh, Cois Ceim and others. We develop work locally and nationally promoting integration, diversity, creativity and fun. We work with professional artists, musicians, actors and educators, ensuring quality and fun for all involved.
Our main priority is to provide a creative, safe and supportive space for all young people and staff within our projects. This ground for acceptance and trust is the space necessary to creating art.

The following is an outline of our activities in the ARTS Programme in YWI Cork.


Monday & Tuesday, Piano & guitar lessons,(3-7pm)7-15yrs. We teach young people at various entry levels piano, guitar, tin whistle, song writing and voice practice. This project is supported by Music Generation. Educator / Musician: Rory McGovern


(7-8.30pm)15-20yrs Tuesday. We teach at various skills levels guitar, piano and song writing with young people interested in participating in a band. Educator / Musician: Rory McGovern


(7-8.30pm)14-25yrs This course is designed for teenagers interested in singing, writing and performance. This project is supported by Music Generation. Educator / Musician: Rory McGovern / Ophelia Mc Cabe


Tuesday,(6.30-7.20pm)7-13yrs and (7.30-8.20pm)13-27yrs. We have a rapping course every Tuesday evening where Corks finest rappers, poets and writers gather to create beats, make tracks, write lyrics, produce and record. We also perform at venues around the city and nationally. Educator / Musicians: GMC / Ophelia McCabe


Available for young bands to rehearse and develop their music. We have a fully equipped and sound proofed room available for young people and community members who are musicians or band members to rent in the local area. Please call 021-4399862 for further details or any bookings.


DROP IN & DRAW Wednesday (7-9pm) 12-15yrs This class is designed for teenagers in the area and we explore all art forms such as painting, clay, chalk, puppets, oil, lino, carving, sketching, paper maché, shadow puppet etc. Educator / Artist: Dave Dummigan


Thursday 10-24yrs (5-6.30pm) This class is designed for young people with special needs or who experience difficulties with learning. A wonderful creative class that is designed specifically to meet the creative needs of young people involved.

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