Youth Work Ireland Cork

Music Talent on Show at Concert

Youth Work Ireland Cork (YWIC) presented a music showcase at The Hut, Wednesday the 17th of December. The rappers and musicians took to the stage to perform the raps and songs that they have been working on over the last few months, as part of the rapping and the music programme that YWIC run on Tuesday evenings. There was a great atmosphere on the night and the ‘first time viewers’ in attendance where genuinely shocked how talented these young musicians are. A big thank you has to go to Rory Mc Govern, Gary Mc Carthy (GMC), Ophelia McCabe, and Lloyd Hogan (Switch) for their great work throughout the year. Of course, an even bigger thank you goes to the hard work of all the young people involved, especially the hard work running up to the concert. Lets do it all again next year!

Besides Music and Rapping, YWIC offer much more on a daily basis. YWIC have programmes such as the Teen Gym, Art Classes, Cyber Cafe, Homework Club, Girls and Boys Groups and much more. We also have a dedicated drugs outreach worker who can give support, counseling and information. For more info on all these, search ‘Youth Work Ireland Cork’ on Facebook to get more details, or call us on 021 4399862.

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