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Youth Work Ireland Cork to ‘Investigate, Participate & Celebrate’ Lifelong Learning

Youth Work Ireland Cork (YWIC) took part in the annual Cork Life Long Learning Festival 2018. As part of this they ran three events. The First, an art exhibition & a series of workshops. The young people from YWIC’s Local Training Initiative Art & Community course hosted this event. The theme of this exhibition explores our thoughts on the importance of a place. What does it mean to us? Is it a physical thing? Is it a part of us? Is it a state of mind? Place is something that can be important to an individual or to a community. Staff and students from the project where there on the day to discuss the artwork on display. Guests where also invited to attend the short workshops including mono print workshop and adding your mark to our map, or take a journey to a world of destinations with our digital media travel agency.

Come along to our exhibition and free art workshops at the Hut with Youth Work Ireland Cork as part of Cork Lifelong Learning Festival ‘Where in the World’ until 4pm today.

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YWIC’s Second & Third Events where both Plays by Cyclone Theatre Company.The First was titled ‘Bullying Prevention Session’. This was an interactive Play for young people in a youth centre setting. The event includes a comedy/drama performance, a presentation and discussion on the topic of bullying behaviour. The Bullying Prevention Session aims to raise awareness about bullying and its affects. It
identifies what is bullying, the different forms it can take e.g. verbal, online etc. The roles played by those involved and the impact of bullying. The aim of the session is to engage with the young people and get them to challenge their own attitudes about bullying in a fun interactive way with expert guidance from the Cyclone rep Theatre Company. In association with Youth Work Ireland Cork and Health Action Zone Project Cork & Kerry Community Healthcare HSE.

The third and final event was called ‘Choices’.  The play “Choices” is a comedy/drama and presentation about the dangerous decisions that we can make around alcohol. Not only the choice to drink and how much, but how, individually and collectively, we make choices that
influence young people to drink. The play explores the lives of 3 young people and the parental, drinks industry and peer pressure influences on their ‘choice’ to drink. In the end, “Choices” asks the audience to consider what we value in life and to reflect if drinking supports that vision or not. ‘Choices’ is part of the Government’s Alcohol Strategy and has been enjoyed by hundreds of people from
communities across Ireland. ‘A moving and powerful drama that raises awareness about harmful drinking.’ – Senator Frances Black . 

Cork’s Lifelong Learning Festival promotes and celebrates learning of all kinds, across all ages, interests and abilities. The festival’s motto is ‘Investigate, Participate, Celebrate’, and the public can do that by watching demonstrations, trying out skills, and seeing others; from the young to the old, show off what they are learning.

During the festival all events are free and accessible to everyone. Learning is promoted as fun with events including performances, debates, taster sessions, tours, displays and demonstrations. They take place right across Cork in a variety of venues indoors and out, including shopping centres, libraries, museums, resource and community centres, parks, sports grounds, private businesses and on the streets.

 For more information on Youth Work Ireland Cork please visit or check out Facebook (Youth Work Ireland Cork) or Twitter & Instagram (@YWICork)  

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