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Gurranabraher Youth choose Germany at Eurovision party.

Every May youth worker Joe Curtin hosts a Eurovision party that the young people from the Thursday Youth Café, known as the Cyber Café, participate in. Although at the beginning, it took some persuading for young people to get involved, it has become a fun annual event at The Hut in Gurranabraher with Youth Work Ireland Cork.

This year however, along with everything else, the 2020 Eurovision was cancelled. It was due to take place in The Netherlands as they won the previous version in Israel. The show must go on – so the Cyber Café created their own Eurovision contest. All of this years ‘would be’ songs where listened to and whittled down to 20 songs. Each young person was assigned 2 songs each at random. Then on the Thursday night over Zoom, the group settled down with some popcorn and watched all of the 20 songs. Each young person recorded a score for each nation (except their own). At the end, the young people give their scores, and a winner is found. the young person with the winning country got a voucher.

Joe Curtin who is the youth worker with this group stated ” The general values and ethos of the Eurovision is not to far away from the values of Youth Work. The Eurovision champions diversity, equality, participation & inclusion, as does youth work. So I believe its a nice natural fit.”

Although going viral on TikTok & tipped as a favorite for this years Eurovision contest, the

Iceland entry failed to impress the young people in the Cyber Cafe. After all was said and done, Germany came out as the winner. Check out the Iceland & Germany entry below:

Iceland Eurovision Entry 2020
Germany Eurovision Entry 2020

Congrats to Nicole who was the lucky young person who got Germany in the draw. A Pennys voucher will be in your pocket soon.

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