Youth Work Ireland Cork

Creativity Resilience and Global Citizenship

Youth Work Ireland Cork hosted a wonderful program called ‘Fast Forward’, in partnership with CIT Crawford College of Art and Design’s, Creativity and Change programme. The programme was also supported by Erasmus+ and Irish Aid


Fast forward was a training programme that explored Creativity Resilience and Global Citizenship and what values and capacities are important to nurture in ourselves and in our young people who face the challenges of growing up in a rapidly changing, challenging and unequal world. Within the programme, partners from UK, Malta, Ireland, Hungary and Sardinia shared creative processes that can help build capacities to shape a better future in which we can live as responsible global citizens.

As well as the learning and exchange within the process the group have developed a resource for practitioners working in the field of youth and also making recommendations for practitioners and policy makers. The resource is in in two parts;

Resource Part One: Explorations, Reflections and Recommendations


Resource Part Two: Activity Toolkit

Please check out the Blog, which details the daily activities from the training:



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