Youth Work Ireland Cork


**Youth Work Ireland Cork’s plan as a result of the COVID 19 Corona Virus announcement:

– To be part of the solution Youth Work Ireland Cork and The Hut have decided to close the building. It was recommended to apply social distancing everywhere if possible. We will be closed for two weeks up until Monday
30th March 2020, or until further notice from Government departments.

– Therefore all groups, one to ones, lessons and events will not take place.

– Altough the youth centre is closed, the staff will still be working remotely. Youth Workers will still be using online & digital platforms to contact young people around support, groups, advice or just to chat. Joe (Youth Worker) will be available still via his mobile (086-8274863) or by messaging our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages (@ywicork).

– Our Community based Drug & Alcohol service will still be in operation remotely. Theresa (Drugs Worker) can still be contacted via her mobile (087-0568255) to provide one to one support. (Cork Local Drug and Alcohol Task Force) A.A & N.A meetings are still taking place as of today (13/03/20). A.A support number: 085-8470880 & N.A support number: 087-1386120. Regular Tuesday night women’s meeting will not take place as The Hut is closed.

– UP Cork LGBT Youth Project will also be closed. Nadia (LGBT+ Youth Worker) will still be working remotely and available via social media and mobile (086-0443745) for support, advice etc.
Don’t forget, schools & colleges are closed for a reason. For this to work, it’s important that Young People aren’t mixing with other Young People. They could pass the virus to each-other, carry it, and then pass it on to other more vulnerable loved ones. (C.U.H)

It’s also important to TAKE CARE of yourself during this time. Joe (Youth Worker) will be creating various group chats, online games, challenges, Quizzes, home workout routines, Q & A’s and more over the next 2 weeks. Please follow our Facebook & Instagram stories to be included and be able to participate.

It’s NORMAL to feel sad, stressed, confused or scared during a time like this. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle
– diet, exercise, sleep, relaxation are important. Try avoid listening & watching too much media coverage. Keep yourself busy, try do something new, learn to cook, baking, clean your room, watch movies, organise your wardrobe, try create a new trend on TikTok. TALKING is so important so talk to your friends, family about how you feel and how they feel.

STAYED TUNED ON OUR SOCIAL MEDIA for our games, activities, ideas over the next 2 weeks!! (and don’t forget about your homework & study :D)

For more information, please contact Eleanor on 087-4126017 or email

“In order to pull together, we must stay apart” – Minister Simon Coveney.

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